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    Product Contact Point for Construction – Germany

    We help you identify the relevant provisions for your construction product.

    Under the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 305/2011), Product Contact Points for Construction, or PCPCs for short, have been set up throughout Europe to enable companies to quickly gather reliable and precise information about the law in force in the Member State in which they intend to market their construction product.

    The Product Contact Point for Construction – Germany has been established under the umbrella of DIBt. We provide information about the national and European provisions that apply to your construction product and its installation in Germany. Further, we provide information on how the applicable EU harmonisation legislation with regard to construction products is implemented and enforced in Germany.

    On these pages you will find information about the placing on the market and use of construction products in Germany as well as on the legal provisions for the planning, design and execution of construction works. We provide you an initial overview of the legal situation in Germany here. Please also consult the 'Further information' link list in our Service section.

    Note: The use of the services of the Product Contact Point and its partners does not exonerate the economic actors from their legal obligations regarding the marketing and use of construction products and the application of construction techniques or from seeking individual legal advice where necessary.

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    What are my obligations as a manufacturer, distributor or importer of a harmonised construction product with regard to CE marking and drawing up a declaration of performance? You may ask these and other questions about the marketing and use of construction products in Germany free of charge in the user portal:

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    Does European or national law apply to my construction product?

    Possibly both, for example, if your construction product is covered by a harmonised standard and you want to use it in Germany. Find out more about ...

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